By Betty

l will take home a bagful of lessons at the end of this programme. Some were intentionally included in the program, and others are bonuses. I have been guided through the path of reflection and perspective. Every interaction and engagement meant something.
Chaos is not normal. Zen, tranquillity, and serenity are. Sitting quietly during reflection brought into life a reality I did not think existed. I learnt that the physical environment where I engage with myself at a deeper level plays a critical role in the outcome of that interaction with myself.
I will remember the passion with which Johan (pictured below) narrated about the ranch and the wild animals. How he navigated with ease around the park. How despite being on the wheel and looking out for animals, so we don’t miss them, he was able to identify snake tracks across the road. I learnt that if your mind is in the right place, nothing will miss your attention.
A male buck was laying down in solitude, having lost dominance to another male in a territorial fight. This made me sad. I am told it will get to fight again in a few months. I bet he was strategizing. I am vouching for him in the next round.
A seemingly unbothered male giraffe stood tall, watching the tour vehicles drive by its habitat. I learnt that I must position myself where I need to be and not let the noise around me deter me from my vision.
An ostrich ran ahead of the tour vehicles looking for a clear exit into the safety of the bushes. He ran a long distance and left the road only when it was sure that it was safe to leave. I figured that had it just ducked into the bushes at the sight of the vehicles, it would have been tangled and trapped by the branches.
Learning opportunities are everywhere. Interactions with humans, animals and nature. We only need to stop and learn.