By Ika

It has been such a privilege to participate in the 21st ANLP. This training has unveiled knowledge, skills and attitude on how to “lead from where you are”, i.e. developing the right competencies through a purposeful commitment, understanding and application of the right processes.

Today is the seventh day, and I am inspired and motivated to apply these practical sessions in my daily life and my profession. My mind is set for a change, and I am ready for action. I have had rich interactions with leaders from Ethiopia, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, Somalia, South Africa, Madagascar and Malawi. What a blessing! I am taking away with me a lot of new insights from the classes, books to read and websites to check. I am looking forward to reading books like “Dead Aid” by Dambisa Moyo, “Small is beautiful” by Ernst Friedrich Schumacher and “Art of small talk” by Debra Fine.

I am not leaving ANLP the way I came, my mind is transformed, and something great is happening to me. I will spread this good news back home and work to ensure others get this rare and invaluable opportunity to experience what I did at ANLP.
I choose to lead from where I am.