Our approach to functional capacity building
  1. The ANLP is committed to fostering an enjoyable and interactive learning environment, emphasizing the joy in the journey of personal and leadership growth.

2. Our programs are meticulously tailored, arising from a thorough diagnostic process that addresses both the expressed and perceived needs of our participants.

3. We subscribe to a multifaceted pedagogical approach, ensuring a range of teaching strategies to meet the diverse requirements of adult learners.

4. By integrating participants’ experiences with our content, we create a richer, more relevant learning experience, particularly favouring experiential learning in our extensive workshops.

5. Our facilitation team enhances the learning process by maintaining active engagement, responding to discussions, and contributing insights from our collective experiences.

6. We conceive our workshops as cohesive and comprehensive events, meticulously crafted to facilitate the growth of attendees in their personal and professional leadership journeys.

7. The value of teamwork is not just taught but embodied by our team’s collaborative approach, serving as a live model for participants.

8. ANLP prides itself on collaborating with individuals who bring positivity, adaptability, and a shared commitment to nurturing a developmental environment for all involved.

9. We recognize the importance of continuous investment in the development of individuals, advocating for lifelong learning and growth.

10. Operating from a servant leadership perspective, we focus on empowering participants to learn and evolve in their capabilities.

11. Attuned to the principles of adult learning, we appreciate that each participant’s journey and outcomes will be uniquely their own.

12. Our approach to learning is designed to be participatory and dynamic, ensuring that learning is an active, not passive, experience.

13. The ANLP’s philosophy is that the quality of facilitation directly impacts the effectiveness of the learning; hence, our team is fully invested in every workshop.

14. We strive for integration and coherence in our events, with each session purposefully aligned with the overarching goal of nurturing participants’ growth.

15. We relish the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals, both participants and facilitators, who share our enthusiasm for creating transformative learning experiences.

Our beliefs about leader development and leadership

The ANLP approach to leadership training and development is based on the belief that:

1. Leadership is a body of orientations, attitudes and behaviours that can be acquired.

2. Leadership is not related to a position – leaders lead from where they stand.

3. Managerial-Leadership, a combination of management and especially leadership orientations, attitudes, skills and behaviours is an important orientation to foster.

4. Relationships with oneself and others are founded on integrity and trust.

5. The result of leadership is to make the team members (institution) successful.

6. Leaders have the responsibility to grow more leaders.

7. Leaders have the ability to change and grow (self & others) continuously (learning, adapting, changing and applying) and to unleash their own and others’ potential.

8. Leaders have the commitment to serve and to have purposes beyond self-interest.

9. Leaders and followers have the resolve to find purpose and meaning in what they do.

10. Leaders generate and focus team members’ energy to realise a vision.

11. Leaders create an environment which people want to be part of and are committed to, and not just work for /be involved in the team/institution.

12. Leading and managing change interventions successfully is an essential competence in Africa and for nutrition.