by Ika

Wow! It’s the 16th of March, the very day that I came to the world, many years ago. How great it is to be learning a new thing in my life like blogging. Mmmh IKA is actually blogging today what a feeling. It is such a privilege and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to be @ANLP 2023.
It has not always been easy to trust colleagues at work, let alone trust someone I newly met in my life. At times I wonder, what if one doesn’t meet the expectation? Yesterday we had a car-racing team building activity which opened me up to learning to trust. When it was my turn to ride while blind folded, mmmh I had no option but to trust that my team would fully guide and protect me from any accidents. It wasn’t easy but was doable and accomplishing that, gave me some satisfaction and happiness.
Water water water! This was another challenging moment when I had to reach out and pick a tiny ball from nearly the middle of the swimming pool while connected to ropes that my team mates’ hold back to prevent me from falling into the pool. Oooh, I was about to give this up but the instructor, Johan gave me important tips which increased my confidence and dispelled the fear I had. It is important to know that at some point in life we may face challenges but giving up is not an option. We have to face the challenges, overcome the fear of failure and have a mindset of a winner. ‘We often miss opportunities in life because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work’ Thomas A. Edison
We grow best when we are out of our comfort zone. The bottom line is, choose to have a positive mindset, refuse to be restrained by fear and be an encourager and that positive support one needs, dare to trust and take a chance on people, we all deserve the benefit of doubt.
‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.’ – Helen Keller