The ANLP approach to leadership development

The ANLP approach to leadership training and development assumes that:

1. Leadership is a body of orientations, attitudes and behaviours that can be acquired

2. Leadership is not related to a position – leaders lead from where they stand

3. Managerial-leadership, a combination of management and especially leadership orientations, attitudes, skills and behaviours is an important orientation to foster in the world of Nutrition

4. Relationships with self and others are founded on integrity and trust

5. The result of leadership is to make team members (and organisation) successful

6. Leaders have the responsibility to grow themselves and to grow more leaders

7. Leaders have the ability to change and grow (self & others) continuously (learning, adapting, changing and applying) and to unleash their own and others’ potential

8. Leaders have the commitment to serve and to have purposes beyond self interest

9. Leaders generate and focus team members’ energy to realise defined purposes and visions

10. The resolve of leaders and followers is to find purpose and meaning in what they do

11. Leaders create an environment of which people want to be part of (are committed to) and not just work for (be involved) in the team/organization

12. Leading and managing change interventions successfully, including the abilities and skills to manage resistance to change are essential leadership competencies, especially for nutrition leaders in Africa.