Feedback from Alumni

Some general comments from the evaluation of ANLP Seminars:

I would like to congratulate the faculty members for the very good organisation, for the interesting programme, for the initiative for such an important seminar for African Nutritionists and for the Real success to attend most of the expectation and making from simple people NEW LEADERS.

I am going away from the experience with better skills to become a nutrition leader in the field.

It is a blessing for nutritionists in Africa

I realise where and how I can contribute to making a difference and now feel more convinced than ever that I must focus hard on achieving this.

We need more positive role models for young nutritionists, and I hope that I can be this kind of a role model and mentor for them.

Excellent programme which will impact positively on Africa and its people in nutrition

Well-organised, well thought through and an excellent forum to engage with colleagues to become friends.


What have you gained from attending ANLP?

I have made self-evaluation on leadership skills and team building- particularly I found out that leadership is co-operative, focused and encourages teamwork. My perspective has completely changed and I will communicate the results.

I have confidence in myself and to work effectively with team members. I have learned more about myself and where to improve

Have brought out my weaknesses and enhanced my strengths.

Very valuable leadership skills, an immense amount of knowledge about myself and participants from Africa.

More efficient, creative and committed.

Being a good leader requires some to change first and especially to keep good relationship with others. I have gained that skills.

Taking risks and being prepared to take the lead being able to be innovative and creative.

A lot. Have fun-don't be so serious all the time.

ANLP has changed my attitude and revealed in me my capacity and responsibility

I am more aware of who I am

This program will make a difference in my life, I now have the power to change