The ANLP approach to our functional capacity building events

1. We believe in the value of investing in the continued growth and development of people.

2. Events are always based on expressed and perceived needs of participants resulting from a diagnostic process.

3. When we host events we do it from a servant leadership perspective and we focus on the needs of the participant to learn and grow.

4. We are sensitive to the principles of adult learning and expect the outcomes to be different for each individual (within the broader scope of the event).

5. We always endeavour to have fun in our approach of interactive learning

6. We believe that a variety of teaching strategies are essential to cater to the needs of participants.

7. The sharing of participants’ experience is often used to link into the material we present. Where possible we use experiential learning as a strategy – especially during longer workshops.

8. During training events we (as a facilitating team) add value by always being present, actively participating, picking up on what we said, and sharing our experience.

9. We view workshops as events, an integrated whole and much more than a loose compilation of sessions – we always try to integrate with a focus on the need of the participant who is there to grow as a person and leader.

10. We demonstrate the value and advantages of team work by working as a team

11. We enjoy working with people who are positive, flexible and share our passion for creating environments within which we can grow – participants and facilitators alike.