Declaration 2002

Declaration of Intent by the Participants of the 1st African Nutrition Leadership Programme 2002

We, the nutrition leaders and future nutrition leaders of Africa are committed to actively seek opportunities to advocate for evidence-based nutrition, and to promote a sustainable and healthy environment in order to improve the nutritional status of all Africans and to build unity and promote development in Africa. We are committed to promoting evidence-based and healthy food consumption practices and educating and informing individuals and communities regarding all issues involving nutrition. We are committed to the core values of integrity, respect and commitment in all our dealings and activities.

We will endeavour to achieve these aims through actively pursuing the following objectives and activities:


In order to seek and create opportunities to build capacity in nutrition in all sectors of society in Africa, we will undertake advocacy to key stakeholders and policy makers in nutrition to promote and ensure:

  • Evidence-based nutrition and optimal nutrition practices;
  • Capacity building in all sectors of society and in all communities;
  • Integrity in nutrition programmes;
  • Sustainable nutrition programmes and action;
  • Fair trade.


To promote and create opportunities to mentor professional development and to encourage critical thinking skills amongst nutrition professionals in Africa, we will:

  • Provide and promote opportunities to nurture the talent and skills of young nutrition professionals;
  • Provide and support a stimulating environment to challenge and develop leadership skills;
  • Create and encourage opportunities to influence nutrition experts to take on mentoring roles;
  • Support and encourage the sharing of information;
  • Support and encourage effective resource mobilization and utilization.


In order to address the nutrition challenges in Africa, we will promote and strengthen partnerships amongst nutrition professionals on various levels through: 

  • Promotion of a multi- and inter- disciplinary approach to projects and programmes;
  • Networking and collaboration with nutrition role-players and stakeholders for national and international collaboration.

Promoting local and Indigenous foods

In order to expand the recognition and utilization of diverse locally available and traditional indigenous foods to improve household food security in Africa, we will: 

  • Promote food-based approaches in addressing nutritional challenges;
  • Promote all aspects of food safety and food quality;
  • Promote the use of appropriate technologies to enhance local food production and processing of nutritious foods.


Ashraf Shaalan (Egypt), Stefanie Lemke (Germany), Anna Lartey (Ghana), Alice M Mwangi (Kenya), Prisca Tuitoek (Kenya), Phiny Hanson (Lesotho), Linono M. Sebotsa (Lesotho), Dorothy Chilima (Malawi), Nada Benajiba (Morocco), Ida Erasmus (Namibia), Hilda van ’t Riet (Netherlands), Aarinola Ojo (Nigeria), Lillian Salami (Nigeria), Jane Badham (South Africa), Penny Love (South Africa), André Oelofse (South Africa), Heidi du Preez (South Africa), Marjorie Moepi (South Africa), Chantell Witten (South Africa), Rozanne Kruger (South Africa), Aila Meyer (South Africa), Elifatio Towo (Tanzania), Wamuyu Maina (Uganda).