anlp 2019

Conquering heights: the spirit of oneness

by Zaina Sore

We woke up to a beautiful sunny day, a perfect day for team building exercise. After breakfast we drove out of the lodge to one of the high ropes sights on the property. Upon seeing the impressive structure, anxiety began to creep in. While some of us were excited, others were already nervous or both. Our forever enthusiastic beloved George volunteered to be the guinea pig for the first trial while the rest of the group listened to Neels and his team of instructors. George was such a great sport! He made the game seem simple as he climbed to the top of the structure and through the high ropes, he never stopped cracking jokes and managed to steal some laughs from the group. Then, one after the other, we all bravely followed.

We experienced mixed emotions, but learnt three important lessons. First, we must have the courage to push ourselves beyond our boundaries and past our fears. This act of courage made us realize that we are stronger than the barriers we face.