On your marks, ready, steady, go!

By:  Marlyne Mananga (Cameroon)


George Bernard Shaw once said, “Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything”. I was very excited yesterday when I began my journey because the high rope task was herculean for me due to my fear of heights.

Wow! So soon we are in the third day of the 19th ANLP. Training this afternoon was based on leadership and communication. So this is how my afternoon started. I was very eager to learn more about this topic. I said to myself: in my professional life, I have acquired the main skills which are important to make me a very good communicator so this lecture will just be a revision for me (me in my comfort zone).

So, when Julie introduced Jane, I was happy due to her charismatic way of engaging us for the past two days.

Inspiration on the Ropes

Things don't always turn out the way they are planned. As they say, 'the only constant is change'. Jane announced about the rain forecast and how the programme needed to change. We were going to the high ropes instead of ‘communication’, first thing the next morning. ‘No one has ever been injured in the safe hands of Neels,’ Navneet assured us. I remember the nervous excitement, the eager anticipation, the brave mental preparation to go up there and prove to myself that I am adventurous and despite the fear of heights, I can do it.

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