Dear Cory

By Monica Muti (Zimbabwe)

Cory, dear Cory, from whence camest thou? When I think of you, I think of fear, panic and pandemonium. I cough, everyone flees. Some people give me the evil eye. Others suggest I go and be tested. You have created enemies for me. You have even made me an enemy of my own self. I no longer feel comfortable in my own skin.

In my short professional life, I have never seen any disease cause so much discomfort, misinformation, myths and misconceptions. I have seen cholera come and go. I have met typhoid who just decided to cause a little havoc, go into hiding and appear here and there. None of them has caused so much pandemonium as you.

You have left in your wake with you travel bans, isolation and quarantine sending chills down the spines of many. You even succeeded in creating a tightening in my chest, maybe a bit of anxiety for a moment as I savoured all the news and announcements I was bombarded with. You disrupted dear ANLP, fellow participants being anxious about whether they will be able to get home as planned? The uncertainty about what will happen – will flights be cancelled? Will they be allowed to reunite with their families as soon as they get home? Cory, dear Cory you have been a disruptive force in our lives.

Now I am just thinking, “when I get home will I find food in the shops?” Because of you, panic buying is ruling, consumers cleaning supermarket shelves. What’s more, schools and universities are being closed. Church gatherings will be missed for a long while to come. What then happens to us who depend on these social contacts for sanity in this lonely world? Cory, dear Cory have mercy on us.

My sincere prayer here and now is that you be conquered and exterminated. We do not need you Cory. We want to hug, kiss, shake our hands freely without fear. Dear Cory, I cannot wait for the day that you will become a story of the past.

Tribute to those infected and affected by the COVID-19. May the God Almighty guard you and keep you safe and grant healing.

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