The mountain of hope

By Marlyne Mananga (Cameroon)

Mother Theresa once said: “Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless”.

Saturday was a stimulating and passionate day for me. It started with a voice relaxation exercise. Then it was the great moment of stress, that is, four minutes of presentation in front of my colleagues and trainers after planning and practising for ten minutes.  Jane wanted to give me a heart attack! The purpose of the exercise was to convince the audience on a specific topic based on an outline that is to be followed by all presenters with the aim of making us good communicators.

After performing the exercise, we received feedback from colleagues and supervisors to help us improve our presentation skills.  Then, it was a great joy for me when Christine informed us that we were going out to do the reflection exercise on the top of a mountain to relax.  Yay!  We are going out of Elgro River Lodge to see more animals and scenery.

Once the whole team was assembled, the departure for the unknown began.  During the journey, I saw the most beautiful giraffe, like a young girl dressed for her engagement, zebras whose coats shine in the rays of the sun.  After an hour into the journey, there before me were mountains surrounding Elgro River Lodge with the river Vaal flowing peacefully alongside. The sound of the river is comparable to that of river Nyong of my village in Cameroon. Facing this beautiful landscape, I made a waoooouuuhhhh sound! The setting was absolutely magical. After a few moments of admiration and photography, I took my pen and my journal to start my reflection.

It was at this precise point that I had a moment; I realized that there can be a better tomorrow than I have today, for there is a creator who makes all things beautiful. ANLP had provided the tools, the rest is for us to work with it and make a change in my corner.

“MEYEGA” ANLP, this is to say thank you ANLP in my mother tongue.

I conclude with a quote from John Maxwell “A good leader is a person who takes a little more than this share of the blame and little less than his share of the credit”.

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