I could sit down in chalet 8 of the Elgro River Lodge looking through the window at the serene natural environment while writing about boosters of confidence.  This, however, would have you rolling your eyes at theoretical stuff. Instead, I choose to write about Zainab, a participant in the 2019 ANLP.  A true-life story. A drama that unfolded before my eyes and captivated my attention.

Zainab made up her mind from the start not to have a thing to do with the physical exercises that are part of the ANLP, least of all the high ropes challenge. At the sight of the 14-meter colossal structure that held the high ropes, she with a scowl on her face reiterated her resolve,” there is no way I am going on that death trap!” I was sure the no go was sealed when I looked down at her feet where instead of a pair of sneakers, she wore an open slipper. How she developed selective amnesia concerning the type of shoes to bring and wear for this exercise is beyond me, because she wore a proper sports outfit, except for the shoes. 

Tension releasing pole hugs

As soon as the Land Cruiser came to a halt at the venue for the high rope experience, anxiety ran high on the sight that greeted me. The four-cornered square ropes suspended on logs and zigzag bars hanged loosely. No one had the slightest idea of the team building exercise planned on that serene environment, surrounded by the green mountains with peeping brown rocks.