Take a look at yourself and make a change

by Mori Julius

As the days move towards the end of the ANLP, I have learnt many interesting things.


Today I woke up late and tired after working on the newsletter till 3am.  As I walk to the conference hall for the session, I was expecting that I would sleep during the session.  To my surprise, the session started with the inspirational, motivational and emotional music from Michael Jackson.  Besides uplifting our mood, the song has the strong message of “take a look at yourself and make change” and the strong vision to change the world.  My tiredness disappeared and I found myself enjoying the session and actively participating.

Many times I see really bad things happening and I feel that I have no power to change the whole situation, but in today’s session on advocacy and lobbying, I learnt that advocacy starts with me.  I can change the situation from bad to good and I also have the power to influence change in my community, place of work and my country.


More interesting was the case study “The right to food project”. When the groups went outside and read through the case study page by page and word by word, it seemed to me like this would be an impossible task.  The thought of influencing the stakeholders and decision makers with ideas to create such a big change overwhelmed me.  As, I continued to read the case study and reflect on it, I realised that I could also change the world with just an idea. The other lesson for me was that change does not come overnight but it happens gradually and requires time, lots of planning and patience.


Today’s session made me reflect on the session on leadership by Christine, “leading from where you stand”. I had never thought about leading from where I stand. I thought I could only lead when I get to the top management positions like the director or chief of Nutrition.  Reflecting on today’s session on advocacy, lobbying and leadership, I learnt that I can lead from where I stand. I can make a change from where I find myself now.  This is something I should start doing immediately when I get back home to South Sudan after the ANLP training.

(Photo credit: Alexa_photos, Pixabay)


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