The 17th ANLP seminar launched on March 5 and is now on its sixth day.  The East African region is highly represented with four participants from Kenya and three others from Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi. I believe others are yet to come in the second group as this year our unforgettable event will be held twice.

In an inspiring session today, a call to action was presented, asking the ANLP alumni to arise and make mentorship great again! The participants who are currently filled with motivation and drive challenged the ANLP support team to stand with them and call for an ANLP Alumni network programme.

During this session I really appreciated the testimonials of former ANLP participants (Alumni) showing how they contributed significantly to individual and professional development of their peers while also benefiting from them.

Some countries like Ghana and Kenya accepted to take the challenge. For them it may be possible, but for Burundi with only two Alumni, we’ll need to be part of a larger family to be efficiently supported and learn from the whole East African Region.

Furthermore, the African Nutrition Leadership Programme teaches us to go beyond borders.

I dare you to be the first to step into the light, to lead from where you stand. East Africa ANLP Alumni, rise up and bear that torch of good hope and knowledge then pass it on! Because our nations deserve nothing less.

I speak to you as your fellow countryman, one who has seen the extensive wealth of knowledge that is gained through ANLP. A countryman who is ready to let the change begin with him. I speak as one who is ready to lead from where I stand.

I am convinced we have much to learn from each other. We can also support each other and be there for each other as change is never easy and we will achieve more through standing together for the change that is much needed.

So, let’s create an East African Community ANLP Alumni network and grow together.

Thin of the words of our own great African leader, Nelson Mandela, “Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great, you can be that generation.”


0 #1 Madina 2019-03-11 11:05
ANLP tough us to think out of the box, I see you are in this real journey, this is a very great initiative, not all but some Countries of East Africa is well represented, and it is good you mentioned to create an East African Community ANLP Alumni network and grow together, I still remember well, in Johann saying (don't die with dreams, die with experience) let us change this into experience, so we develop a passion for learning, and this will be the real lead from where you are, and we can grow both as a leader and a human being.

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