"When in doubt, Be kind to Herman"

I know you are probably wondering who Herman is? Am I writing about the German Pulitzer prize winner Hermann Karl Hesse? I am in fact referring to the infamous father of one, jack of all trades, who began his professional journey in astrophysics then took a detour to study microbiology just to win the heart of the woman of his dreams and later settled in the field of nutrition. Some might know him as the introvert who moonlights as a tech-wiz with particular interest in virtual reality. And in fact, if you ask any of the ANLP alumni from the last 6 years, they will tell you that they know him as the knight in shining armour. Herman been a help to many stranded teams, at ungodly hours, in their struggle to publish newsletters overnight, after a busy day, to be ready for reading by 7am. So kindly and selflessly he has saved the day with a smile. He leads from where he stands. It is now clear to me why on that fateful night lightning struck a rock tablet and declared “Be kind to Herman”.

In my reflection time, I then wondered, who shall we be kind to in our life after ANLP. How can I reflect to others what Herman is to us? And I came to the realization that we all know a “Herman” beyond ANLP. The guy in your building who works on your networks, the lady in the office downstairs who helps you show up on time, the colleague that sits next to you and never gets tired of proofreading your work. We all know a “Herman”! so who is yours? Many a time we overlook or maybe even forgot to be kind to those that make our life a little easier. You would not be reading this if the "Herman" in your environment did not optimally maintain your network or if our legendary Herman did not assist me with uploading this to the website so you can be reading it. Somewhere in your life, you have individuals who selflessly take the time to make your life a little easier, however, you have been so busy with your positive results that you forget to remember them.

As you read this, I know you are contemplating on whether it is too late to start. To this I say “when in doubt, be kind to Herman!”.  

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