Lessons On the High Ropes

A few weeks ago, my two-year-old daughter and I were walking through the mall in my country Uganda when she suddenly started crying, paralysed with the fear of falling. Her reflection in the polished tiles at the mall floor had created an illusion of a deep pit. I was faced with a surprising realisation that my little girl was afraid of heights. I refused to pick her up, and told her not to look at the floor, but keep her eyes on me as she walked. She cried through it, but she did it.

Today, I lived my daughter’s fears as well, though it was not an illusion of a deep pit but rather the ANLP High Ropes challenge. I felt as if I was dying several times over when I had only the ropes above to hold on to and the wobbly wooden planks to support me beneath. Then I heard one of the facilitator’s call out to me to look at him. Immediately it reminded me of my daughter’s experience at the mall. When I looked down my knees trembled, but when I focused on where I was going, I made progress. I cried through it, but I did it.

 I learnt a very important lesson on trusting the support around me, and keeping my focus on the bigger picture, wisdom that I can relate to my personal life and career. I go back home a liberated woman, leaving my fears of height, mistrust and the intimidation of life here at Elgro River Lodge. I step out today, to be the leader I am meant to be, bold, courageous and hopeful.

- Esther Naluguza and Eunice Berko Nartey

Leading from where you stand: a reflection on the banks of the Vaal river

The story of William from Malawi who developed a windmill to irrigate his father’s fields and provide electricity to his household with no resources and formal engineering qualification evokes mixed emotions. The mixed emotions come from a realisation that effecting change does not require resources but motivation and drive. To achieve not for selfish reasons but a genuine realisation and desire to solve a real challenge faced. The story is reflective of many boys and girls in Africa who are determined to overcome their present circumstances regardless of the odds against success. Many of us compared to William are in a position of privilege with resources and knowledge to use and influence change within ourselves and communities. This position allows us to effect change from where we stand. The challenge is overcoming our so called rationale and over analysing situations which brings nothing except procrastination.  Hold on, I can effect change from where I stand and yes you can do it as well of course we can.

Let the William within you and me come out and inspire change from where we stand. The story of leadership and emancipation from hunger, malnutrition and leadership renewal has begun.

By: Arthur and Janeth

Welcome to the 16th African Nutrition Leadership Programme participants!

The 16th African Nutrition Leadership Programme started yesterday, Tuesday 6 March 2018, and will run for the next 10 days at the Elgro River Lodge in Potchefstroom. What an exciting time!

This year, we have 28 participants from 16 different African countries, including Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Liberia is represented for the first time this year. The participants come from a variety of nutrition backgrounds, including government, NGO and academia.

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