This is the perspective of a hopeful African herd boy from Hurungwe, in Zimbabwe experiencing ANLP 2018. The time spent here has opened my eyes to the beauty of the work that I do as a nutritionist and yet was naive to the great potential I hold to influence. To be a source and maintainer of life through my actions in the nutrition field and beyond, just like the Vaal river. The Vaal river meanders through the hills, mountains, valleys and plains stretching for a couple hundred kilometres of South Africa land. The area is rugged in some places, plain and yet beautiful in many other places. The Vaal river is always at peace with itself providing and maintaining life in and around it, holding such promise and opportunity to those who have been initiated in it.

As I reflect on the side of the mountain I listen to the well-choreographed, drilled choir of the river and its surroundings. Cattle mooing from a distance and evoking a feeling of home, an internal self long lost in the reserves of my memory and my country, Zimbabwe.  Thinking of what could have been, but thankfully I dared to change the script and here I am. The sun is setting and going back to its mother, having done its part in lighting our day and path. I hold hope and conviction that these 10 days spent on the shores of Vaal river, have opened my eyes and ears to the calling and potential I hold to be a leader and an advocate for nutrition. If theory must translate to practice, then where else should I start than here and now. Growth and development is a life long journey only for those willing to ride and face whatever comes their way.

I have been reborn in my profession, only lessons and positive thinking has been embedded while being charmed by the enthusiasm and energy transmitted from the facilitators and ANLP participants of 2018.

Reflections of an African Village boy whilst on top of the mountain with mosquitoes singing forcing the writer to have some hand dance to catch them with less success at it.

Arthur Pagiwa (ANLP, 2018)


0 #1 Bianca 2018-03-14 12:03
This blog really touched my heart! Thank you Arthur!

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