Overcoming our fears: The high rope challenge at ANLP

Another morning at ANLP and participants are all gathered under the Raaswater high rope grounds. By just looking at them, the word FEAR was written all over their faces. With no doubt, the majority of participants were not ready to take the high rope challenge. I still remember Neels (our dedicated team-building leader) carefully giving instructions on how to put on safety wear and the rules that would keep us safe.  Everyone looked so puzzled, confused and still not ready to take the impending challenge.

 “There in no way in HELL I could ever do that!” I am acrophobic: super scared of height!” are a few of the numerous negative statements from participants.

 As soon as the first step was taken on the rope, the environment at Rasswater grounds completely changed. More energy, positivity and determination filled the atmosphere. Although there were some few setbacks, all participants managed to complete the challenge amidst cheers, tears, shouts and smiles that expressed inner satisfaction and a great sense of achievement.

Often times in life, we create barriers for ourselves by telling ourselves we are unable to overcome our phobias or other challenges. The high rope exercise today revealed the new cadre of leaders being trained by the ANLP. The take-away message was: for any challenge life throws at you, all you need to do is to take the first step in the right direction and then focus, focus, and focus!

The high rope challenge wasn’t just like any other game or sports. It wasn’t also just for the purpose of bringing people together to enjoy the high view and lovely scenery. It was a TRANSFORMATIONAL challenge. Together as a team, participants learnt to take challenges they could never have imagined achievable. Participants were pushed beyond their limits and comfort zones to achieve a common goal.

As said by Nelson Mandela “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid but he who conquers that fear”.

Today we all at the ANLP 2017 conquered fear!

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0 #1 Katie Pereira 2017-03-12 14:17
Wow - brings back many memories, you have captured the experience well. I did not realise I had a fear of heights until I had to do this at ANLP 2 years ago. What struck me most was the support of fellow participants and facilitators and the team work that took place to help each other across and despite differences. Well done to you all!

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