The 14th chapter of the ANLP 2016 is on. What strikes me at the first day is the number of participants that have gone through the ANLP since its inception. Over 350 participants have been through the ten day experience. The most transformational that anyone would ever go through, judging by what I have experienced over the last five days.

I look at the participation numbers by country and see that my country Kenya has had thirty nine participants go through the programme. I am shocked by this revelation. Out of the 39, I know of only one participant, whom I got to identify from the photographs on the ANLP website. So where are the rest 38 of the Kenyan Alumni? Why have I never heard about ANLP from them?

Rôle du African Nutrition Leadership Programme (ANLP) dans le mouvement Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN)

Le regain d’intérêt manifesté par la communauté internationale pour la nutrition permet à la lutte contre la faim et la sous-nutrition de recevoir finalement l’attention qu’ils méritent.

Malgré des progrès notables accomplis en matière de productivité agricole, d’accès aux soins de santé de base et d’éducation, les avancées en matière de réduction de la sous-nutrition ont été comparativement limitées. Selon l’Organisation des Nations Unies pour l’alimentation et l’agriculture (FAO), près d’un milliard de personnes souffrent de sous-alimentation dans le monde en 2010 alors que plus de deux milliards sont carencées en micronutriments.


Awake for the day and the first point to meet together was at breakfast. Nice time, good delicious meal: scrambled eggs, maize meal, bread, some fruits, tea and coffee massaged our taste buds. The buses were ready to move to Raaswater-the venue for the 2016 ANLP team building exercises. I guess many did not know what lay ahead. As we travelled, excitement could be felt everywhere in the bus. Conversations ranging from politics, nutrition and people’s characters echoed. 

ANLP blog 2.0

I want to start off by welcoming ANLP alumni and future alumni to the second edition of the ANLP blog! The 14th African Nutrition Leadership Programme will commence on the 8th of March 2016 and I cannot help but feel excited for the participant’s part. Ten days of intense growing and reflecting on old and new habits lies ahead.