Make the most of every opportunity to learn

It was a wonderful opportunity that I was selected to participate in the African Nutrition Leadership Programme (ANLP) in 2016 and had the privilege of a great learning experience. Human life, from the cradle to grave, is a process of learning. How wonderful it is to learn through experience.

With Divine support, I CAN. It is good for one to sit down and be taught. It is even better that guidance is provided as one learns and one is supported and encouraged. However, the best is to learn while doing – especially in a safe place. Do not make it talk and walk, but rather we must begin to walk the talk – lead from where we stand. No one is an island of knowledge – sharing is essential. It is necessary to think outside the box. Move beyond your own area of expertise and comfort zone, learn about innovations and new things and you will move ahead. There is no winner in a team that losses - to achieve, move with others in the group and harness each other’s strengths. Move with the average speed of the group – bring everyone along as part of the team. Provide the opportunity for the slow and steady, so that although forward movement is maintained, the slower movement of others is accommodated. Maintain a positive outlook. Be optimistic and expect the best. Accept others and support them even when you realise that they are at an advantage and ahead of you – life is more than ‘self’. Advocacy empowers and equips us better to achieve more back in our home work environments, in our career and life generally as we harness support from others who have influence. These are many of the lessons I learnt at the ANLP and it was a privilege that I had the opportunity to learn so much. Assess yourself, reflect as much as possible, but also let others give you feedback (no matter how hard and uncomfortable it is) and learn to accept feedback. Feedback will help you grow, change and become the best you are meant to be.


The time of reflection is a great one. How wonderful is it to sit in a serene atmosphere and ponder on issues past, present and future. Surely, not all roads will take you to your desired destination. Write yourself a vision and engrave it upon tablets that everyone who passes by your door may read easily and as he hastens by. You will never regret it.


Oluwatooyin F. OSUNDAHUNSI-Nigeria




+2 #1 Afua 2017-02-21 08:37
Hi Tooyin, great job! Thank you for sharing your experience

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