The African Nutrition Leadership Programme (ANLP): Unleashing my potential

Coming to the African Nutrition Leadership Programme (ANLP) 2016, frankly speaking, I did not really know what to expect. But I came to realize that, if I had any expectations, my experience attending the ANLP 2016 was beyond those expectations. I did know that I would meet people from different African countries with different cultures and points of views and hoped to learn best practices that I could apply back home in my country and work.

After attending the 10 day programme, I understood and appreciate that, the essence of the ANLP is not to acquire knowledge regarding nutrition (we have so many opportunities for this) but to explore and learn about myself so that I am empowered to make something great out of myself and stand up for nutrition. That is how I understand the concept ‘‘leading from where you are’’. As nutrition ambassadors, the most important thing I learnt from ANLP was that, we can and must lead and act from where we are and move the African Nutrition agenda forward. This was clearly demonstrated through the various tasks assigned during the intensive 10 day programme as we worked in diverse teams and committees to come up with the sum total of beautiful and enriching experiences.

I have been armed with various values and skills in order to better face my task as a nutrition leader. Of the most important things that the ANLP 2016 unleashed in me, and which I constantly work, on is my self-confidence. The ignition of this belief has enabled me to accomplish things I could not even imagine doing before. Each of us gained something new; ranging from: knowing how to manage anger; being more patient with others; knowing how to cope with people who do not share our point of view; or simply being a servant leader. I have become aware of both positive qualities and negative behaviours that I was not aware of before thanks to this programme. I can now work on my strengths and address my weaknesses towards creating a better, stronger me.  Working as part of a team and being accountable to each other taught me how to take advantage of the strengths of others and be accountable for my actions.

I realized that I worked better in a team - I was strengthened, could accomplish more and above all, my self-confidence became stronger. Ever since I realized this, in my daily life back from ANLP 2016, I continue to maintain this work ethic where I find myself in a team and with a team spirit. Not only am I able to now work better with others but I strongly believe, others are able to work better with me as we encourage and support each other despite the difficulties we may encounter. That is how, at my own level, I try daily to push the nutrition agenda forward from where I stand.

Christelle from Cameroon, ANLP 2016


0 #2 Anteneh 2016-07-22 08:40
Hi Christelle,
Congratulation for the excellent experiences. Skye is the limit, and I am sure your growth in nutrition leadership will continue as you are already on the right button- self-confidence.
0 #1 Afua 2016-07-22 05:27
Hi Christelle, nicely written article, keep being confident.

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