ANLP 2016 has come to an end, it is packing time. Lifelong lessons have been learnt. As we go to lead from where we stand, here are the voices of the inspired ANLP 2016 participants:

I am heading home with total confidence that I will be a good leader. ANLP has helped me to rediscover myself. I now have many friends across Africa with whom I can network further. Anteneh

Life is about completing others but not competing with others. Lead from where you are. Esther

I have experienced people from different cultures, learnt to work as a team and understand situations from a different perspective. Afua 

Life changing experience! The best days of my life, something money cannot buy. Jennifer

ANLP made me to know myself better, I have decided to change. ANLP has made me change for the better. Naomi

ANLP is a self-discovery experience. It unleashed the potentials in me. It has changed a part of me and I strongly believe it is for good. Christelle

It has been a turning point experience for me. I see many things turning around for good in my life. Thanks to ANLP. Nobelle

All I know in life, I learnt in kindergarten. ANLP has taught that the most important lessons in life were taught as children. Friendships are important. Lee

The values instilled in kindergarten are important, they groom who you are. Lead from where you are. Noloyiso

I can do what I perceive to be impossible. Most times I am my own inhibition. Obstacles are just distractions that I should overcome to achieve my goal. Lead from where you are, it is not about positions, change begins with me. Maureen

Most times we learn through provision of instructions but at ANLP, learning is practical and through every day life experiences. Tooyin

ANLP was the best experience in my life. Boussari

To change others, you first have to start by changing yourself. Lead from where you are

Greatest lessons; conflict resolution, time management, need for punctuality and preparedness. Nozipho


ANLP 2016 is a lifelong changing experience especially the start doing, stop doing and keep doing reflection aspects. Bariki

I have learnt to come out of my comfort zone, challenge myself to undertake difficult tasks and go beyond cosmetic changes. I have learnt the importance of self reflection and rule number 6. Oluwaseun

Reflection- I hope to make it a daily and lifelong practice. Locus of control-that stuff blew my mind! Moses

I have learnt to dig deep into myself and found that I can do all things. Experience of the ropes taught me that even when I am fearful, there is no going back. Ope

Sometimes we are our own obstacles to change yet there is a lot of potential in us. We therefore ought to stop thinking we cannot do it but just go for it. Galase

Lead and influence in the areas that I can make a big difference. Change begins with me. Trust

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