"Be Ham"

Commitment….“Be ham”

Congratulations to everyone for the challenging, funny, thought provoking and very interesting blogs. When I am reading them, I am back at Elgro River Lodge learning all over again.

As I was thinking about what to write for the blog, I tried to recall what really stood out for me in the entire ANLP programme. I cannot point to one particular concept, the programme in its entirety was very effective in imparting leadership skills. Learning opportunities sprung up from every experience; the lectures, the fruitful group discussions, hosting, newsletter writing, committee work, team building and time spent by the banks of Vaal river, reflecting. Every step of the way I was urged on and encouraged by the organizers and my fellow ANLP delegates, this was a perfect setting.

The challenge (opportunity!) is to put those skills to use without the “perfect setting”. To espouse leadership in our day to day environment, you have to look for the opportunity and follow through in an environment alien to ANLP values. This is why Leon’s example of a breakfast of ham and eggs rings so true……the involvement of the chicken and commitment of the pig. There is really no choice but to “be ham” out here. I tried to put into context some of the things that I learnt, random statements such as ANLP will not change you, but will make you a better you, change starts with you and start small, guided my initial journey. I have worked on attitude change, active listening and learning from mistakes. The results are promising and the environment around me is responsive.

I miss you guys so much, let’s continue to encourage one another in our leadership journey.

We ANLP 2015 are committed to improve nutrition in Africa by leading from where we stand. We acknowledge that innovative change, advocacy and skilled communication are necessary. This will be achieved through dedication to capacity building and implementation of evidence-based strategies. We will always act with integrity and a willingness to serve. Now is the time to empower the people of Africa.



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