Dare yourself: take the high ropes

Dare yourself: take the high ropes

There is so much I miss about ANLP. Late nights working on ANLP Express with Jane and Herman making sure we are kept awake, pre-and post-hosting sessions with Onno and Johann, themed dinners and country presentations, blogging with my strategic communications committee, and the well coordinated yet diverse support team which combined calm personalities like Thabo and Karim and lively personalities like Sola, and, of course, all the different personalities at ANLP 2015. There was a lesson to learn from everyone and every session.  ANLP marked the beginning of my leadership journey and its fruits will remain. I am a better communicator, advocate, public speaker, team player and listener. I have what it takes to lead and are motivated to begin to lead from where I stand.  

One of the things I miss the most are the “quiet moments” which Christine took us through amidst the hectic daily schedules. I discovered “reflection”, is key for personal development. Today, I decided to do some reflection on “Leadership”. Some days ago, someone asked me to rate my leadership skills on a scale of 1 to 10. I did (don’t ask what), but was further asked to justify my rating.  I laid out several reasons including my newly acquired skills and of course that “leadership is not a position, we can all lead”. This person was convinced with my arguments but also brought to my attention an important fact, that, unless I stand in the shoes of a leader (lead), I cannot confidently “rate” my leadership skills. Weeks gone by and I believe this person had a point. All our skills and abilities will be in vain, if, in addition to leading from where we are, we do not take the leap to take up leadership challenges that come along our way. After all, influencing change ranked highly on our expectations and we need to be at the right place to do that.

Neel’s team building exercises were not all about team work. I am one person who had never dreamt of climbing a rope many meters high. I believe many were like me on arrival at ANLP but we all managed to sail through proving that there is nothing that is impossible. The first step may be the hardest, but once taken, forms the beginning of a journey.  Today, I encourage you all to be bold and take the steps. Go for the high ropes. And, don’t stop the little actions you are doing, they will make the leap much easier, and up there, develop the right character, it will keep you at the top. The external environment may not always favour us but “we can do what we can with what we have where we are”, as declared at ANLP.

ANLP provided the tools, the rest is on us. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

PS: I miss you all team mates. Thanks for coordinating this Bianca. Cheers!


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